Distruction is the Lazy Man’s Way

This isn’t just about the recent riots in Vancouver, it a general observation. Although, the riots prompted me to talk about it.

Have you ever noticed how the destructive folks cite a noble cause to justify their actions. Violence to combat homelessness, computer viruses to bring down Microsoft – the list goes on.

To me these are lazy solutions.

You want to stop homelessness, devote your energy to helping. Don’t cause even more money to be spent on the thing you hate (like the Olympics) which only diverts funds away from the cause you’re supposed to be championing.

You hate Microsoft and want to take it down, then build a better system and make it free. Kill their money flow and they’ll disappear.

I saw a saying etched into one of my desk chairs back at university that has stuck with me over the years, “Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.”

For those truly committed to their causes, maybe it’s time to rethink strategies.

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