and we’re off – NaNo 2011 2011 has begin and I’m already behind. It’s a little disconcerting, but I’ve been here before and haven’t failed yet.

This years story is a bit more serious than my usual light and fluffy fare. I’m basing it on a video from Live Leaks about a man found dead in a hotel room. He has ID but no one steps forward to claim him. When I heard about the video, I decided I had to tell his story. How come he had no one to miss him?

While I was pondering this, I talked to some of my writer friends. I’d decided to have his son looking for him and interweave chapter’s about the son’s search and the father’s journey as an ‘Unclaimed Life’.

One of my writing buddies suggested I needed more drama. So the father is estranged and the boy sees him across the graveyard at his mother’s funeral. The father was banned from seeing his children after being jailed for sexually molesting his daughter. It’s now 10 years later and the siblings are all grown up and so are the psychological demons that haunt them.

I hope I can do the story in my head justice.

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