Working from Home – Week 3

Hopefully you’re in a groove now. I know I am even though there are moments where I just want to curl up on the couch for a nap.

I find mid-afternoons are the hardest. My husband turns on the TV for his afternoon fix. Dr,Phil, Ellen and then Dr. Oz. He is a huge sports fan but since there isn’t anything happening with any team, he’s made Dr. Phil his plan B.

I can work through Dr. Phil without any problem but I enjoy Ellen. I find myself paying attention to her even though I’m not in the same room as the TV. Dr Oz comes on around the same time I would have been leaving the office, so I don’t feel guilty for shutting down my computer and heading in to spend time with my husband and watch the show. Dr. Oz at least has some interesting topics and his guests are usually legit. (except for the whole true crime segments – that doesn’t seem to jive with the rest of his MO. Maybe that’s just me though.)

We are progressing in ways we didn’t expect when this all started. At work, we’ve digitized a lot of our processes that we’d been procrastinating on switching. It hasn’t been completely smooth as we’re making the changes under duress and necessity, instead of following a well planned process. Right now, some tasks take longer than the old way but it eliminates the need to pass papers back and forth between the staff. That alone makes it worth it in these days of Coronavirus.

I hope you are all well and adapting. These are weird days and I believe that we’re just starting to hit the halfway point. Stay strong and stay safe.

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