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Old friends

Some days you just need to connect with old friends. They know the ‘who’ you were before you were the ‘who’ you are now.

When editing gets in the way

A few of my friends have been having this same problem lately. I’m kind of glad because it means that I’m not the only one, but on the other hand, this is becoming an issue. How do you balance writing a new piece with editing an old.

Summer is here

We finally had a nice few days. The weather went from rainy and cold to sunnyu and OMG I can’t breathe it’s so hot. Today, it shifted back to the cooler side. I like it because I was able to turn off the fans and it will still be comfortable tonight for sleeping.

6400 words

It was my turn to submit something for our editing group. I had to rewrite the end of the novel I’ve been editing. When I sent my first ending to the group they called me out for it. (You might remember me blogging about how I’d written the entire novel from Hillary’s point of view and then, after she screwed up, everyone went away to fix the problem and came back to tell her about it

Happy Canada Day!

It’s Canada Day. Today, I’m pondering what it means to be Canadian.

When being quoted isn’t cool

A very good friend of mine came to me today upset. She’d been called out by a mutual acquaintance and made to feel about two inches tall. As she retold the conversation I recognized a lot of the stuff “someone” had said about her. That “someone” was me, only the context was twisted in such a way that the meaning was completely reversed.

Busy, Busy BUSY

When it rains it pours. Deadlines never seem to spread themselves out, they all seem to want to crash down together. I swear they wait outside until there is a big enough gang of them to really mess me up.

Tutu Marathon

For a change Iwas offline for most of the day yesterday. As a matter of fact, I sat on the couch all day and watched TV. I have NEVER done that before. Usually I get bored, or restless, or both and have to move around after an hour or so.

A walk, sun, chocolate and writing

Start to finish today has been a great day. Even though I didn’t sleep the best last night, I was up on time and ready for action. That mid-evening coffee apparently wasn’t a good idea after all.

I feel good

This isn’t a new thng for me, I’m usually in a good mood. But lately, I just feel good.