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OMiGosh Thank You

I came home tonight from dinner with friends to an email from Fictionista Workshop congratulating me for being their ‘Editor of the Month’.

My favourite time of the year

Spring has sprung, grass is riz (we’ve already moved it three times). Yesterday I began the daunting task of exchanging my winter wardrobe for my summer one. Daunting yes, but the simple act has put a smile on my face.

Alarm Clock Fail

It’s amazing how those few seconds of, “Gosh I feel great, so refreshed.” can turn into “Oh CRAP!”

Authors, Offers and a Contest

I love hanging out with authors. They’re my kind of people. We’re random, sometimes silly, creative, supportive and kind (we’ll most of us are anyway 🙂 ) This is a good thing too because I can’t seem to get away from them. Last weekend I took a weekend off and swore not to think of […]

It’s spring!

Over the past few days it hasn’t felt like it at all. High winds… cold winds that smelled like snow. They were so fierce that we lost power twice over the Easter weekend. Today is sunny and while not as warm as it was a few weeks ago, we’re heading back in the right direction.

Happy Half-Priced Chocolate Day

Alas, it’s not as good as it used to be. Stores seem to be cutting back on the amount they order so there isn’t nearly as much left over. The eco-friendly part of my brain says this is good and prevents a lot of waste (I know frivolous things like specialty wrapped candy isn’t eco-friendly […]

A poem upon waking

I’m not really sure where this one came from and please ignore the meter and such. I never could quite master that stuff.   I see your soul Through the window of your eye Your intentions are pure Your path clear You look back at me I wonder what do you see My mind is […]

Oy Vey

It’s been a ‘week’ In a lot of ways it’s been a fantastic week, I’ve had two editing sessions that were awesome, re-wrote the content to update my consulting website, attended a meeting on Thursday which really boosted my confidence followed by hitting a mental wall — hard, barely having time to recover before hearing […]

A New Canadian Sci-Fi Magazine

There’s a great new Canadian Sci-Fi Magazine coming our way.

It’s the weekend

After a rough week of endless distractions the weekend is finally here. I realize for someone like me who is writing and working all the time weekends are just two extra days of the work-week but still there’s just something special about them. I spent a large part of today spring cleaning my bedroom. I’ve […]