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Alarm Clock Fail

Well actually it was me who failed to set the alarm clock 🙁

It’s amazing how those few seconds of, “Gosh I feel great, so refreshed.” can turn into “Oh CRAP!”

In some ways, sleeping in was worth it. I awoke to a great half-dream that will make an awesome story. (now I just have to write down the premise before I forget it). It’s not so great because I want to get a few things around the house completed before I head over to hang out with some of my favourite writers for camaraderie and mutual cheer-leading.

I’m very excited because I set up the final two sections of my next novel to be edited. I have less than 8000 words left to proofread and then it’s on to the final polishing. ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ should be online and ready for sale by the end of June. Whee!!

In the meantime, I’ve got 2 short stories almost ready for sale and two more about to be proofread. Smashwords and a few of the distributors have a short story sections in their online stores. I figure it’s time to start experimenting with them.

And of course, I’ll remind you that AESCIFI is still looking for sponsors and backers to help them get their online/print magazine off the ground. If you’re looking for an investment or advertising opportunity, take a look. They’re doing their fundraising through kickstarter, so everything is above-board and legitimate.

I’ve been in a writing group with Helen for a couple of years and have had several conversations with Duff about the project. They are real people and their plans for this magazine are bang on the money.

While they’re fundraising they’re running a Microfiction contest. Even if you’re not interested in entering, read the entries, some of them are quite good.

Authors, Offers and a Contest

I love hanging out with authors. They’re my kind of people. We’re random, sometimes silly, creative, supportive and kind (we’ll most of us are anyway 🙂 )

This is a good thing too because I can’t seem to get away from them.

Last weekend I took a weekend off and swore not to think of things writing, web design or marketing. I joined a walking Meet-Up group and ended up having a great conversation with a ghost-writing editor as we strolled from New West Skytrain Station to the one at Edmonds.

Last week we (the folks at PaperBox Books) expanded our writing network even further. We held a one day offer to review and critique the first few pages of novels for authors who weren’t sure they are ready to submit to a publisher.

I was really impressed with the quantity and especially the quality of work submitted. test. We’re doing it again today so if you want the details go to http://paperboxbooks/twitteroffer041610.php.

Both Perry and I really enjoy doing this. We’re gentle but firm, we remember what it’s like the first time you send your baby out to the wolves, but we also know how useless “that’s nice dear” is as feedback. We tell you what we like and ways to polish your writing.

So today, while I eagerly await the deluge of first pages I’m editing and polishing my own work. I have only 13,000 words left to edit on my next novel. Which means I’m at the panic stage… is it good, is it crap, holy crap it’s almost done etc.

At least this time, having one novel already selling is giving me the confidence to push through faster than I did before.

By the way, Don’t forget about AE – the new Canadian Science Fiction Magazine. First issue will be out this fall but in the meantime they’re having this fun microfiction contest.

200 word sci-fi story using or inspired by the word ‘micro’ – details at

It’s spring!

Over the past few days it hasn’t felt like it at all. High winds… cold winds that smelled like snow. They were so fierce that we lost power twice over the Easter weekend.

Today is sunny and while not as warm as it was a few weeks ago, we’re heading back in the right direction.

Tomorrow the ground should be dry enough for me to start digging a new garden in the backyard. I’m going to be a good eco-friendly person and double the size of my veggie garden. I have tomatoes and broccoli started and will be planting beans, peas, squash and cucumbers. I have melons too, but they’ll have to wait until it gets warmer at night before I can transplant them outside.

It’s a nice break from writing and editing. I’ve been sitting at my desk too much lately and physical activity is just what the doctor ordered.

I’ve updated my SNB Consulting Services website over the past couple of days. I learn some new coding tricks from a grumpy genius, which were great until I realized the quick fix I used last night exploded all of the blogs I was hosting. Of course I noticed this when my grumpy genius wasn’t available to help.

I thought hard and managed to solved the problem all by myself. I’m quite proud, because this was treading in coding waters I’ve never waded in before and I had to dive in and perform mouth to mouth. The blogs were brought back to life without too much brain damage – Yay Me!

Today is devoted to reading and learning. Ok – so it’s 2pm and I haven’t started yet. But it will be.

Happy Half-Priced Chocolate Day

Alas, it’s not as good as it used to be. Stores seem to be cutting back on the amount they order so there isn’t nearly as much left over.

The eco-friendly part of my brain says this is good and prevents a lot of waste (I know frivolous things like specialty wrapped candy isn’t eco-friendly at all) but for those of us who are frugal, and want more for their money, 1/2 priced chocolate day is a happy day indeed.

It was a great weekend. I worked on my consulting website, tweaking a lot of little things to make them better. I knew what I was doing when I started, now I know even more.

Then I set up a new blog for one of my favourite writers, and lets face it, one of my favourite people in the world. Writing as Natas, the Lost Messiah, Mark has a lot to say. Check it out at He’s busy posting several items from poetry to philosophical vents and plans to update daily, so check him out.

Today, I re-read another great short story by another wonderful storyteller and need to print off one of mine to put it on the editing block tomorrow night.

Oh by the way, look for my books in the iPad bookstore, they’re supposed to be there as part of their launch. If you don’t have an iPad, you can buy them through (not .ca) for your kindle or thorough and Smashwords for other e-reader formats.

The Trouble With Jake (a Young Adult Paranormal Romance)

The Problem With Jake (an Adult Paranormal Romance)

Dual Version with both stories

I don’t have the links for iPad yet as it seems you have to have an iPad to see the store *sighs*

A poem upon waking

I’m not really sure where this one came from and please ignore the meter and such. I never could quite master that stuff.


I see your soul
Through the window of your eye
Your intentions are pure
Your path clear

You look back at me
I wonder what do you see
My mind is still muddled
My soul scarred

We walk and talk
You slow down to match my steps
You take my hand in yours
I am free

Oy Vey

It’s been a ‘week’

In a lot of ways it’s been a fantastic week, I’ve had two editing sessions that were awesome, re-wrote the content to update my consulting website, attended a meeting on Thursday which really boosted my confidence followed by hitting a mental wall — hard, barely having time to recover before hearing my little brother/housemate calling me to say, “I had a little accident with my motorbike”.

It was a week of ups and downs and a grumpy brother who can’t do any of what he planned to do this long weekend, thanks to a fractured collarbone. (I’m very thankful that’s all it was, as it could have been much, much worse given the scenario)

So -with a bored and pacing housemate, what’s a girl to do?

The answer, set up the screen between her office and the rest of the house, plug in her earphones, crank the tunes and write her a$$ off 🙂

Goal for this weekend – finish coding my updates for SNB Consulting Services with training course information and blog about it. Finish editing a short story to put up for critique, finish reading Mastery by George Leonard and cook a roast with all the trimmings for Easter Sunday. Yummy!

Wish me luck!

A New Canadian Sci-Fi Magazine

There’s a great new Canadian Sci-Fi Magazine coming our way.

They’re still in the fund-raising stages for the first issues, but I’ve seen a fair bit of their project plans and know one of the creators. Even though I don’t write much Science Fiction, I’m psyched.

Check out their kick-starter/fundraiser page. Scroll down to see the details of the project.

Exciting bits – they’ll be paying professional SFWA rates to the authors (hence the largest reason for the fund raising) and the magazines will be available in print and electronic versions.

Oh and, since it’s a Canadian Magazine, they are making sure a high percentage of content comes from Canadian writers.

While I don’t normally tell people to buy this or donate to that, I think this is a worth while cause.

For information on how the pledge money is collected, check out the rules and regulations for using kick-starter for more information.

It’s the weekend

After a rough week of endless distractions the weekend is finally here.

I realize for someone like me who is writing and working all the time weekends are just two extra days of the work-week but still there’s just something special about them.

I spent a large part of today spring cleaning my bedroom. I’ve been so busy over the past while that stuff had been shoved into my room to get it out of the way.

No wonder my brain was in a fog, the clutter was haunting my dreams.

Tomorrow after I finish editing my chapters for my proofreaders I’ll start working on my taxes. I should have done them long ago, but procrastination ruled supreme and they were successfully avoided until now. Without those nasty receipts cluttering up my office, it will be clean too – Whee!

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you have more exciting things to do than what’s on my agenda.


Some days life just gets in the way

Well actually, my whole week has been like that.

Lots has happened that I need to get down on paper and clear my mind. Business and lifestyle decisions need to be made and with my brain in a fog like it is, it’s hard slogging through the inner-cranial mess.

That’s a problem most of us writers have – we think to dang much 🙂 But, unfortunately that doesn’t save us from having to continue on with our day and accomplish the myriad of tasks before us.

OMIGosh, this is a depressing post – quick cue the happy bunnies and cute kitties.

whew, cuddly furry creatures saved the day 🙂

ok – on to make those decisions so I can get myself back on track.

Hopefully your day, week, is going beeter than mine. If not hang in there!

Video – A New Frontier

So I decided to do something different yesterday.

We’ve been toying with different advertising methods and I’ve seen some authors effectively use to promote their books. Since I’m not only promoting books, but also helping to promote PaperBox Books, I decided to give it a whirl.

The results are… interesting.

I tend to talk with my hands and I was able to keep that somewhat under control. What I didn’t realize was how often I tossed my hair back over my shoulder or raise my eyebrows (which unfortunately makes me look like a ditzy Barbie-doll). I’ll work on taming those mannerisms for the next video.

Both videos were done in one take, so all my stumbles are there for all to see. But these are casual conversations, so I wasn’t aiming for them to be perfect. They’re informal and informative and not terribly unlike what I’m like in person.

Anyone have good advice how to make a good ‘starting face’?

Book Promotion – A tale of Two Novels.

Writing Advice