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A walk, sun, chocolate and writing

Start to finish today has been a great day.

Even though I didn’t sleep the best last night, I was up on time and ready for action. Apparently, that mid-evening coffee last night, wasn’t a good idea after all.

First, I was able to implement some coding fixes for the PaperBox Books website that I found while testing the new website for Fiction Therapy.

Then, it was off to meet one of my partners in crime to scope out locations for the Kick-off for Yeah, yeah, we know it’s not until October 31st. But if the crowd last year was anything to go by, it’s going to be a full house (so we need to make sure we find a big enough house to put everyone).

Next, it was a side trip to the Purdy’s Chocolate Facility near the 29th Avenue Station. We told ourselves that the walk to the chocolate factory and back would burn most of the calories we were about to consume… we know we’re wrong, but we’re chosing to ignore that tiny little fact, so please let us!

Then it was off for a sugar induced conversation at the weekly write-in… well at least we all had our computers open to attempt to write. The conversation seemed to be a little more odd than usual and considering our usual conversations….

Now I’m reading a webcomic that I coerced a friend into letting me see. (seriously, I figure if he mentioned it, he really wanted me to see it 😛 so it was just a matter of twisting his rubber arm). Again he’s utterly failed at being horrible.

Then it’s off to bed. After all that walking today, I’d better sleep well. Gosh knows I need my beauty sleep.

Week One

It dawned on me a few minutes ago that it’s been a week since my brother moved back East. It seems like forever since he left, yet it also hardly feels like he’s gone.

I’ve talked to him a few times and seen pictures of his new office. He’s settling in nicely. His main comment has been that it’s ‘quiet’. But that’s exactly what he was looking for. He needed a break.

So did I.

Yesterday, I took the day off.

I’ve been going hell bent for leather for the past couple of months and I’ve come close to crashing a few times. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to stop, so I powered through and hoped for the best. The good news is, I didn’t completely fall on my face. At times that seemed to be the best I could hope for.

Mind you I didn’t do it on my own. I had some really good friends help prop me up and keep me somewhat stable.

Thanks Guys!

This past week was a whirlwind of cleaning, socializing, meetings and research. The first day I’ve had to myself was Thursday, so I took it. I grabbed the day with both hands and devoted myself to mindless tasks.

The highlight was unravelling a sweater I’d started a couple of years ago because a) I couldn’t remember what pattern I’d been using and b) it didn’t matter because it was way too freakin big (YAY).

I’ve started another sweater with the yarn. A cute little vesty-tank top. I figure I’ll have it done in a few weeks. I’ll knit while I watch Anime 🙂

Wish me luck!

Press start

Press Start… to begin the next phase in your life.

Wait! Who did that?! I wasn’t ready!

Ready or not here it comes. My brother is in the air as I type.

On one hand I’m really jealous, he gets to see Mom and Dad in person to hear about their European Vacation (luckily much less ‘exciting’ than Chevy Chase’s). One the other I’ve very happy because now Daddy has 3 computers to mess up. Dad is king of ‘Hey, what does this button do?” Scott is now the onsite repair man.

Meanwhile back at our, errr my, house, I’ve rearranged the living room and have his old room almost ready for showing to potential roommates. It’s been a busy morning.

Now I have some writing to and a meeting later this afternoon, then it’s sitting back, catching up on TV with a glass of wine.

Ok, you can press Start now.

I can see the floor

I came home last night to a packingboxless house. This morning, in the light of day, I can see the floor.

The end of chaos is near.

Which is good, I still have to re-write my ending for ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ today, because I have to send it out to people either tonight or tomorrow morning (at the very latest).

This morning I’ve been surrounded by toolbelts.

There is a contractor working on my back step and cable guys replacing the cable the moving guys dislodged yesterday. My inner girlie-girl enjoyed the view immensely.

We were actually talking about it yesterday. I made the comment that I prefered real muscles to store-bought muscles. The poor, lone guy in our group wasn’t sure he understood the difference, and none of us girls last night could adequately explain what I meant, even though we all understood it.

After watching the guys today, I think I have a more definitive answer.

A guy in a tool belt, or sweating it out in the yard has a primal appeal. He’s doing something, to make life better. There is an expectation of mental and emotional strength in addition to the muscled physique. Even though I’m fully capable of ripping apart the back step and rebuilding it myself, there is something appealing, even comforting, in watching someone else do it for me. I feel cared for.

Watching a guy work out in the gym is also fun, but there is very little life skill that comes with learning to bench press. While I like what I see, all those heavy weights mean nothing once he walks out the gym door.

Keep in mind, these aren’t mutually exclusive. I’ve used the extreme form of stereotype in my analysis. I beg your forgiveness.

What else am I doing beside NaNo

I was walking to the grocery store this morning when I realized I’ve become obsessed with talking about NaNo even though I’m doing a crapload of other things.

I have two books that we’re planning on getting online for sale at the end of November. I’m getting the final edits back from my editors tomorrow. Somewhere duiring the month of November I have to find time to incorporate the fixes into my manuscript and get it formatted and ready to go on sale.

We’re working with a couple of talented writers who are doing a bunch of short stories around an alternate world to Earth. We’ve read some of the stories and can’t wait to see the rest. They’ll be comin gout way in the next few weeks as well. (almost managed to resist the urge to dance around the room – almost)

I’m half way through editing the novel written by my business partner and fellow managing editor of Paperbox Books Publishing. It’s awesome, I keep losing myself in the story forgetting that I’m supposed to be checking it for errors and inconsistencies. Happily, there aren’t many.

Oh and I’m buildig a couple of websites for my other business, SNB Consulting Services too.

If it’s true that idle hands are the devil’s tools, he doesn’t stand a chance with me 🙂