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Home for the Holidays

It’s been an odd trip home this year for Christmas. I’ve learned a few things.

Holiday Mash-up

I leave for Saint John, New Brunswick in 5 sleeps. I fly during sleep number six. Hopefully I’ll manage a bit of shut eye during my flight but I’m taking along a book to read, another to write in and an MP3 player full of great music, in case I don’t. It’s times like these I’m a little jealous of my brother, he falls asleep as soon as the plane starts down the runway. No such luck for me.

Post NaNo Recovery

I’ve been looking for a job lately, while my SNB Consulting Services business has been great, being a consultant really isn’t my style. I’ve given it a good shot and learned a lot, but now I’m ready to take what I’ve learned to benefit someone else’s business. So if you know anyone looking to hire someone with office administration, web design, social media marketing and editing experience let them know about me.

There is Snow

I know the people in the rest of Canada are laughing but we have snow. Where the rest of the country is ready for snow by the time November hits, Vancouver isn’t.

Mid NaNo Update

It’s half way though NaNoWriMo and I’ve over half way through my novel. I hit 28k last night which is over half way to the goal of 50k but I’m concentrating on actually finishing my story this year.

One More Sleep

NaNo is almost here again and I can’t wait. Writing has taken over my entire life lately, so you’d think that adding NaNo would make me groan and say “Oh Gosh no, not more WRITING?!” Instead I’m energized and raring to go.

NaNoWriMo Preparations

As my busy week draws to a close a new busy week begins and then it’s a month of absolute insanity as is about to take over my life.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

A friend of mine used to enjoy arguing with each other. He was chasing an ideal of what he ‘should have been like’ had he no been delayed by certain obstacles in his life. He was so busy chasing himself that he missed everything that was going on around him. It drove me nuts. I’m not refuting that he had some pretty crappy things happen but his failure to acknowledge anything positive bothered me.

SNBCS Social Media Seminars

sooo… here is a plug for one of my other businesses. I run SNB Consulting Services. We help consultants, authors, job seekers and small business owners learn about Social Media with a very hands on approach. This means in person seminars, some where I’ll even encourage attendees to bring their laptops so we can get started immediately.

Bookcamp Vancouver 2010

BookCamp Vancouver 2010 was a rousing success and well worth the rush hour commute to get there and back.